Foundation Course Time Table (August 2019)

Foundation Course Time Table (August 2019)
Batch 2019-20 / Revised UG Curriculum for M.B.B.S.
Date 9-10 AM 10-11 AM 11-12 PM 12-1 PM 1-2 PM 2-3 PM 3-4 PM 4-5 PM
01.08.19 Welcome Ceremony to new courses L





Introduction session with faculty & students Sports
02.08.19 MBBS Programme Examination/ Written / Oral/ Practicals Academic Ambience Dissections Respect to Patient & Cadaver Sports
03.08.19 History of Medicine Medical Ethics Your experience with patient – Discussion AETCOM MODULES Sports
05.08.19 Vaccination Programme Group Discussion Doctor-Patient-relationship Sports
06.08.19 Yoga Feedback Diet & Nutrition Sports
07.08.19 Expectation of Society from Doctors Medico Legal Problem AETCOM MODULE Sports
08.08.19 Anatomy, its History & importance Group Discussion AETCOM MODULE Sports
09.08.19 Physiology, its History & importance Group Discussion AETCOM MODULE Sports
10.08.19 Biochemistry, its History & importance Group Discussion AETCOM MODULE Sports
13.08.19 Health & Disease Medidation in Yoga Computer Sports
14.08.19 Language & Communication with patient Visit to Hospital Computer Personal Hygeine Sports
16.08.19 Visit to Library Visit to Hospital Computer Water Conservation Sports
17.08.19 Visit to Museum Visit to Blood Bank & Hospital Academic Ambience Sports
19.08.19 Communicable Disease & Preventions First aid, Demonstratration & Hospital Visit Visit to Central Lab Anti ragging teaching Sports
20.08.19 Field Visit (Rural & Urban centre) Departmental Lab Visit Computer Sports
21.08.19 Goal of Life & Happy Life Swakshata Energy & Power conservation Pollution Sports
22.08.19 Duty as a doctor Importance of Discipline Stalwards of Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry Sports
24.08.19 Positivity in life Behaviour & response to people around you Planning a Holiday Sports
26.08.19 Arts of Living Ancient practice of Medicine Gender sensitization & sexual harrassment Sports
27.08.19 Feed Back Large group discussion Small group discussion National Health Programmes Family Welfare Sports
28.08.19 Blood & Organ Donation Reactions, Spending of words, Importance of Sielence Faith in God / or not Habits of Toxic materials Stress management Sports
29.08.19 Global pattern of Health & Disease How to takle loneliness Habit of book reading vacation management Social media & digital world Sports
30.08.19 Fantsy of science Journey of Medical science from past to future Understanding your brain & its mode of functioning Living alone & with society Sports
31.08.19 Pranayam Bio waste & management Rules & Regulations of the campus Enquiry from students & solution Sports
LBKMCH, Saharsa