Citizen Charter


  • This is a General Tertiary Care Hospital.
  • It provides medical care to all patients who come to the hospital
  • Standards are influenced by patient load and availability of resources, which are generally under strain.
  • Yet we insist that all users receive courteous and prompt attention.
  • Doctors wear white aprons and Nurses are in Nursing Uniform. All Staff members have been issued identity cards.


  • Reception and Enquiry Office is located at the Out Patient Department generally known as OPD of the hospital.
  • Location guide map is displayed in lobby near Reception.
  • Illuminated boards indicating different areas/Departments of hospital are displayed. Smaller guide maps are also installed.
  • Telephonic enquiries can be made through telephone numbers +91 9431243204, +916478 251047
  • The list of faculty members is displayed on boards in each clinical departments and respective OPD.
  • The duty roster for faculty members and resident medical doctors is displayed on the notice boards of all the departments and Emergency.


  • Gynecological Emergency : Timings 24 hours, all days.
  • Casualty : Timings 24 hours, all days.
  • Casualty Medical Officer available 24 hours, all days.
  • Duty Doctor is available round the clock in major specialties viz. Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Sr. Residents from above specialties, Eye and ENT are on Call.
  • Specialist will be available on Call.
  • The decision to call a specialist is that of the treating doctor.
  • Failure to respond to a call is regularly monitored by the HOD of the concerned discipline. Emergency cases are attended-to promptly
  • In serious cases, treatment/management gets priority over paper work like registration and medico legal requirements. The decision rests with the treating Doctor
  • Emergency Operation Theater is maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it is in service at all times.



For all specialties available in the hospital Morning 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
(Registration of New patients in respective OPD’s) 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Antenatal clinic All Days
Registration of New Patients 9:00 AM onwards at Reception.
Other Clinics 9:00 AM onwards at Reception
Evening 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Cardiac Clinic
Neuro Clinic
STD &Leprosy Clinic
Post-Natal Clinic
Immunization Clinic
Glaucoma Clinic
Child Rehabilitation Clinic
Child Welfare Clinic
Family Welfare Clinic
Cancer Detection Clinic
Chest Clinic
Sterility Clinic
Refraction Clinic


Speech Therapy and Audiometry Clinic



  • All patients admitted in General Wards of the Hospital are treated free of cost.
  • Free diet is provided to all patients in General Wards. One attendant pass is given to every admitted patient
  • Patients may have their diet from home also.
  • Visitors are allowed only during notified visiting hours.
  • Investigations like CAT Scan, Ultra Sound, Barium Meal, ECHO, TMT etc are charged for as per approved rates.
  • For Poor patients, these charges can be waived partially or fully on the recommendation of the treating doctor by the Principal.
  • A Staff Nurse is on duty round the clock in the ward.
  • Admitted patients should contact the Staff Nurse for any medical assistance they need.
  • Sample Collection and lab Facilities are available for Round the Clock.

Timings: Emergency lab. 24 hours all days.


  • Licensed Blood Bank is available in the hospital.
  • It caters to the requirements of our patients.


This hospital has the following services available:

  • CT Scan
  • Ultra Sound Echo
  • Audiometry
  • Testing Laboratory
  • Pathological investigations including Bio-Chemistry & Microbiological investigations
  • Charges for various tests are displayed at the Reception of the hospital both in English & Hindi.
  • For poor patients, these charges can be waived partially or fully on the recommendation of the treating doctor by the Additional Medical Supdt.
  • For every payment properly authenticated official receipts is given at the cash collection counter
  • Intensive care facilities: ICU


  • Wheel Chairs and stretchers are available on request at the main Reception of the Hospital for the facility of patients who are not in a position to walk.
  • Lifts are available near I.C.U./Surgical Ward.
  • Ambulances are available for use, round the clock for transfer of patients to other hospital.
  • There are standby generators to cater to emergency services in case of breakdown of electricity.
  • Adequate drinking water facilities are available.
  • Canteen for visitors and out patients is open upto 11:00 p.m. Rates are reasonable.



There will be occasions when our services may not be up to your expectations. Please do not hesitate to register your complaint.

It will only help us to serve you better.

There is a designated medical officer whose name and location is displayed in the hospital for attending to all grievances.

Every grievance will be duly acknowledged.

We aim to settle your genuine complaints within 10 working days of its receipts. If we cannot, we will explain the reasons and the time we will take to resolve.

Suggestions/Complaints boxes are also provided at various locations in the hospital.